KALANDRA - My Kingdom

Norvège - Single (2021) et musique de la bande-annonce du jeu 'Kingdom Two Crowns' pour son DLC 'Norse Lands'.
Clip filmé dans les îles Lofoten et dans le Trøndelag, en Norvège.
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Welcome to my kingdom
This is where it starts
If you’re in the search for something better,
you don’t have to look far

It’s a change of times
I could lead the way
You wouldn’t have to think,
you wouldn’t ever have to be afraid

of the fray

There was once a time
where I was just like you
We are not so different you and I,
I know you feel it too

There will come a time,
for you to take the stage
If you listen close
you wouldn’t ever need to be afraid

of the fray
Bear the weight
But don’t you stray
too far from my kingdom

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