Australie - Extrait de l'EP "Solace & Solitude (2018) / Sites officiels:,
Nightfall embraces the day
Enshrouding the world in her ebony cloak
As I make my way home through the silence and snow
My mind starts to journey beyond

I dream of a land before time
All the riches of nature in symphony
And I cherish them all with a grateful man’s heart
For no longer alone do I dwell

From solitary slumber I wake
With a vision of heaven asleep by my side
As the sand grains of time slip away into memory
Awaken desires most deep

I never knew my life could be
So indescribable with colour and fantasy
And I wanted to be what you wanted of me
When I took my place in the stars

Greet the morning with me
What shall it be? Enraptured by dreams?
Tell me, teach me to fly
My soul can be free "

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