HULKOFF - Ingvar

Suède - Extrait de l'album "Pansarfolk" (2020).
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Eastwards into holmgaard
To kievan rus
We ride the waves of Gandvik
And put the oars to use
A hard and sturdy longship, hard and sturdy men
Sailing towards Serkland, and never home again

I stood  there by the reeling 
Amongst the chosen few
The rugged men of Svitjod
Who joined with Ingvars crew

amidst the tar and sea salt
I rowed and pulled my weight
Eastbound for a golden future
the ocean hid our fate

We rowed with hard conviction
In tempest and in rain
Blind to the prediction
That our quest was all in vain

We defied the raging ocean
And spited raging waves
The longships were abound in motion
Towards our graves

Ingvar manned the bow as we rushed on like a plow 
Towards gardarikis shores
Eager to attest our axes to the test
We longed for sounds of war

In Serkland hard times waited
As battle Times are hard
Perhaps we were ill fated
But there we Earned  our scars

With valor fit for heroes
We fought as Northmen fights
Many died and then the fever
Struck those who survived

Sickness gives its throes to both earls and heroes 
Even the strongest becomes weak
Ingvar was the first, who died in fever thirst
Before Banke, before me

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