WARDRUNA - Bjarkan Live at the Viking Ship Museum

Wardruna performing 'Bjarkan' at their first concert, which took place on April 9 2009 in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway as a part of the Inferno Music Conference."

Oseberg kvitrafn Gaahl Museum Inferno music wardruna Bjarkan viking ship

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  • Dar
    • 1. Dar Le 13/05/2016

    Wardruna est vraiment excellent, le gars qui est assis c'est Einar Selvik ??? Et que dire de la perf...vocale de Lindy Fay Hella.
    • idavoll
      • idavollLe 13/05/2016
      Oui, il s'agit bien d'Einar Selvik au tout début de Wardruna.

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