TODD RUNDGREN - Song of the Viking

USA - Extrait de l'album " Something/Anything?" (1972). Filmé au CPR Performance Studio le 31/03/2015.
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I am a viking of some note
Knuts my name and here I float
Out on the sea in a great big boat
And I'm the one who beats the drum in time

To stroke the oars that drive our galleons on
And while we rowed we had our song
And we had our god and it may seem odd
But at least there was a cause

Caught a wind and we upped the sail
Lost two ships when it turned to a gale
Down went a third when she rammed on a whale
Though we despaired we could not fail
And through it all we never faltered

Late at night I lay on the deck
Wondering why I risk my neck
Picture myself in a sinking wreck
Ande down I'm going not knowing why
I just can't quite recall the reason why

It's such a drag to carry on
But there was a cause, but there was a cause
But there was a reason
If you like I'll be your viking

Sit you down to a nordic meal
Give you strength that you might wield
A viking sword and a viking shield
And off well sail in mighty ships of yore
Perhaps we shouldn't let our hands get sore

We need someone to pull the oars
And to do the chores
So we need a cause, we need a reason, reason why

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