USA - Extrait de l'album "Viking" (2020)

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We're out to sea and out to fight
give me just one
reason to believe in flight
birds of a feather
they flock together
We took the plunge and held on tight
catching our breath
vessel breaks the wind and fly's
Swaying Perfection
rise up to hear the bell
I can't make you want this
Get on board
Bombs Away

These Vikings are seafaring warriors
They'll fight to the death for their brothers

Grab the wheel and steer the whale
shimmer thoughts
steady hold to Brace us all
bombs will keep flying
bombs will keep flying
smoke consumes our blackened lung
hold your head high
victory the flag flies
put your hands up
victory ends this fight

I can't make you want this get on board
bombs away

Burning the boats to keep us all of float yelling and screaming we felt so alive you got me for once just to feel like I'm Untouchable

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